Beverley Wellbeing has been amazing from day one – nothing has been impossible and with Duncan’s positive attitude everything was possible and he would never let me give up and set me tight but achievable deadlines to help me achieve my goals.
Professor Peter Dettmar

Research Scientist

After years of abuse through distance running, squash & untutored weight training I suffered from knee problems.

My aim was to keep generally fit so that I would be able to enjoy my leisure activities which include fell walking & skiing.

Now 23 years later at the age of 65 I am able to be very active. I no longer suffer from knee problems & I am able to enjoy life to the full.

Chris Brown

Chartered Accountant

I was generally unfit & in a sedentary job – my objective was to reach a good level of general fitness and flexibility.

Duncan is a warm and friendly person and he also sets realistic targets (but he doesn’t let you slack!). He is very knowledgeable, experienced and skilled as a trainer, therapist and nutritionist.

He is not judgemental and is happy to work with people of all ages and fitness levels – from over 60s like me to professional rugby players.

Kenny Quinn

Retired & Healthy

Beverley Wellbeing has helped me gain strength and good mobility in the areas I had difficulties with, e.g my neck/shoulder/scapula following ACDF surgery.

I have also gained more knowledge on nutrition and exercise and how important these things are to maintain a healthy life.

I have been highly satisfied with my results. I have gained overall strength and my fitness levels have improved in a short space of time.

The approach and service are excellent. They listen to your needs and goals and work with you on a personal level through your journey, being supportive and encouraging at all times.

Wendy Musgrave


I was having real issues with my stomach, even though I thought I had a really healthy diet.

I can’t begin to tell you how much my experience with Beverley Wellbeing has helped me. Not only do I feel better, I look better, have so much knowledge on what diet works for me and my body and I also have the confidence to know that I will not get this problem again in the future.

It was a very personal service, of which I felt my problem was important to them.

Beverley Wellbeing is more than just a gym – it is all about you and making you feel better about yourself.

Keeley Penn


I wanted to strengthen my core muscles to help with lower back problems and to maintain general fitness.

I chose Beverley Wellbeing to help with this following a personal recommendation and the results they had achieved.

Beverley Wellbeing is friendly, caring and very effective. My initial problem as outlined above is now very manageable and treatment is on hand if required.

I would recommend Beverley Wellbeing as you would be assured of a highly professional approach and every effort is given to help and solve problems encountered.

Rae Hampson


Duncan’s reputation goes before him and to begin with he was recommended for his high level of expertise and professionalism in treating sports injuries. I was confident that this recommendation would result in a positive outcome and it did and has done repeatedly ever since.

I like the very friendly, professional and personal way in which you are treated at Beverley Wellbeing.
The extremely relaxed and encouraging atmosphere makes it a most comfortable experience along with the personal action plan developed through discussion, physical examination and assessment, monitored continuously for its effectiveness and changed and modified as required.

My regular sessions at Beverley Wellbeing – twice a week – have been key to helping and supporting me to maintain a positive attitude to the importance of a healthy lifestyle – even when I’m tempted to ‘drop out’ on occasions I just couldn’t let Duncan down – he shows such faith and belief in his clents.

Anna Young

Semi-retired PE Consultant

I would recommend Duncan and the team at Beverley Wellbeing to anyone who is serious about improving their health and fitness. From new and innovative training techniques to the latest rehab treatments for injuries everything is catered for at the top-class facility in Beverley. The experience and knowledge brought to bear is without peer in the region.

Harvey Dettmar

Executive Director