At Beverley Wellbeing, we work with you to help you achieve your goals through tailored advice and treatment – whether it’s an exercise, rehabilitation, nutrition or relaxation plan.

Dr Peter Dettmar, a research scientist, first visited Beverley Wellbeing following a hip replacement.

Peter Hip WellbeingWhy did you first work with Beverley Wellbeing?

My major problem and the reason why I was highly recommended to see Duncan O’Connor in the first place was mobility as I had just had bilateral hip replacement and needed to learn to walk again and build muscle and strength back into my legs.

Why did you choose Beverley Wellbeing to help you with this?

Duncan was highly recommended and has an excellent track record with sporting injuries and helping people, such as me, achieve a better level of fitness and, in my case, to actually get me mobile again.

How has Beverley Wellbeing helped you?

Beverley Wellbeing has been amazing from day one. Nothing has been impossible and with Duncan’s positive attitude everything was possible and he would never let me give up and set me tight but achievable deadlines to help me achieve my goals.

How satisfied have you been with your results?

Very satisfied, as more recently I have had a total knee replacement and again Beverley Wellbeing and Duncan O’Connor was my first choice to assist me to recover from the surgery and to walk again with good bend in the knee.

What did you particularly like about our approach and service?

I liked the professional approach and the fact that the treatments are individually tailored to the needs of the patient. Also nothing was ever too much trouble and I obviously benefitted from years of experience.

Would you recommend Beverley Wellbeing to others? If so, why?

Yes I would recommend Beverley Wellbeing as I have done on several occasions. The main reason is because new patients will benefit from vast experience and expertise and Duncan has an excellent track record of achievement both with sporting injuries in high-profile sports men and women and in getting people, such as me, mobile again.