About Beverley Wellbeing

We’re a leading Yorkshire sports specialist, providing personal training, rehabilitation, massage, injury treatment & wellbeing advice.

Our Facilities

Beverley Wellbeing delivers the most up-to-date, world-class training techniques and advice that enables our clients to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

All our consultations take place in the privacy of our treatment rooms, we provide sessions in our in-house gym and we have access to the latest rehabilitation equipment.

You’ll find us in Reed House on Annie Reed Road in Beverley.

Beverley Wellbeing is the trading name of Beverley Wellness & Physiotherapy Limited,  a private limited company registered in England with company number 04938814.
Registered address: 74 Lairgate Beverley, East Yorkshire HU17 8EU

Treatment Rooms

At our new home on Annie Reed Road, we have one treatment room, well equipped to deal with injuries and soft tissue repair.

Fitness Studio

Includes spin bikes, rowers, squat and bench racks, dumbbells, free weights, kettle bells, Olympic bars, medicine balls, Bosu balls & more

Changing Rooms

We have a changing room, featuring a private shower and toilet.

But you don’t need to be limited to our in-house facilities. If you prefer we can provide screening and fitness programmes for businesses delivered on your own premises.

Meet The Team

We are a team of allied health, fitness, performance and medical practitioners all under the same roof, deeply dedicated to getting you all moving great, being pain free and feeling fantastic.
Duncan O'Connor

Duncan O'Connor

Head Therapist

Duncan is a strength and conditioning specialist, with an expertise in injury treatment and rehabilitation. He’s renowned for keeping clients tuned, sharp and pain free.

Shane Thurlow

Shane Thurlow

Sports & Performance Nutrionist

Shane has more than 25 years’ experience in health & wellbeing, focusing on performance, nutrition & lifestyle and a PhD in exercise physiology..


Jordan Mounsey

Soft tissue &  Sports Rehab Specialist

Jordan, owner of OptiFix: Massage & Rehabilitation, provides a high standard of treatment to both sporting individuals amateur and elite, as well as the general public.